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Gone to See the River Man

This is a hard one to write. In no way is this a happy story. It is dire, yet full of beautifully repulsive imagery. Lori is a tortured soul in her adulthood. Her life revolves around the care of her older sister, a mentally and physically challenged young woman since her teenage years after falling… Continue reading Gone to See the River Man

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The Return – Some Short Book Reviews

It’s been a while since I have contributed anything here. Part of that is attributed to a new job and exhaustion. Another part is feeling, in part, as if I had lost my writer’s voice. I’ve been trying to work on fiction, and though I don’t embrace the ready excuse of writer’s block as writing… Continue reading The Return – Some Short Book Reviews

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The Final Girl

With the announcement that HBO Max is to develop as a series author Grady Hendrix’s novel The Final Girl Support Group, we will likely see the trope of the final girl, already familiar to most horror aficionados, gain wider exposure and inevitably enter the popular lexicon. So, I wanted to take a moment to discuss… Continue reading The Final Girl

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Parasite Does Not Quite Overcome this Reader’s Immune Response

Parasite is the second novel I’ve read by author Darcy Coates. With this novel (which is actually five short stories/novellas tied together by an alien invasion throughout a distant human-populated system united under an entity called Control), Coates takes on military sci-fi horror. The reader may recognize the strong influence of John Carpenter’s The Thing.… Continue reading Parasite Does Not Quite Overcome this Reader’s Immune Response