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The Return – Some Short Book Reviews

It’s been a while since I have contributed anything here. Part of that is attributed to a new job and exhaustion. Another part is feeling, in part, as if I had lost my writer’s voice. I’ve been trying to work on fiction, and though I don’t embrace the ready excuse of writer’s block as writing… Continue reading The Return – Some Short Book Reviews

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No One Gets Out Alive In This Early Novel by Adam Nevill

Adam Nevill is a hell of a writer. No One Gets Out Alive is the fourth Nevill novel I’ve read and none have disappointed. Last Days remains my favorite, though. What I enjoy about Nevill’s writing is the way he retains a literary voice in a genre that is often disregarded as having any true… Continue reading No One Gets Out Alive In This Early Novel by Adam Nevill

Adam Nevill, Apartment 16

Apartment 16

In this writer’s opinion, British author Adam Nevill is one of the more exciting voices in horror literature today. His style, particularly with regard to Apartment 16, a novel published in 2010, is similar to early Clive Barker, and some descriptions in particular in this offering had me wondering (albeit not seriously) if I were… Continue reading Apartment 16

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“Britain’s answer to Stephen King”

Adam Nevill is a British novelist. His first novel, Banquet for the Damned, was published in 2004. Since then, he has written and published seven additional novels as well as two collections of novellas/short stories. He has been hailed as “Britain’s answer to Stephen King,” which I believe is an unfortunate label to receive. If… Continue reading “Britain’s answer to Stephen King”