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The Final Girl

With the announcement that HBO Max is to develop as a series author Grady Hendrix’s novel The Final Girl Support Group, we will likely see the trope of the final girl, already familiar to most horror aficionados, gain wider exposure and inevitably enter the popular lexicon. So, I wanted to take a moment to discuss… Continue reading The Final Girl

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Saint Maud Challenges Truth of One’s Faith

This film has an understated intensity that is a bit reminiscent of Robert Eggers’ 2015 film, The Witch. Maud is a nurse, having lately left a position at a local hospital for a role as an in-home private caregiver. Maud is a devout Christian, though we come to learn she has only recently been “re-born.”… Continue reading Saint Maud Challenges Truth of One’s Faith

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Anna and the Apocalypse – A Zombie Christmas Musical

1. Apart from Stoker’s Dracula, I’m not sure I have really ever been a wild fan of the vampire tale. Over the years, I have encountered some memorable and unique takes on vampire stories (the films: Lost Boys, Fright Night, Let the Right One In, Cronos, Near Dark, to name a few; the novels: Let… Continue reading Anna and the Apocalypse – A Zombie Christmas Musical

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The Silence and A Quiet Place

With the first trailer, I was intrigued by what the film, A Quiet Place, could be. It suggested a film with little dialogue and one very sparing in its sound design. After all, it dealt with strange creatures that hunted purely by sound. I wasn’t able to catch the film during its theatrical run, but… Continue reading The Silence and A Quiet Place

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Southern Reach Trilogy

In his Southern Reach Trilogy, Jeff Vandermeer weaves a beautifully written and vividly imagined story of a presumed alien invasion. However, when I read the trilogy, I had virtually no idea what was going on. I picked up threads here and there; enough to know that Area X acted in some way akin to the… Continue reading Southern Reach Trilogy