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Anna and the Apocalypse – A Zombie Christmas Musical

1. Apart from Stoker’s Dracula, I’m not sure I have really ever been a wild fan of the vampire tale. Over the years, I have encountered some memorable and unique takes on vampire stories (the films: Lost Boys, Fright Night, Let the Right One In, Cronos, Near Dark, to name a few; the novels: Let… Continue reading Anna and the Apocalypse – A Zombie Christmas Musical

A Quiet Place, Fiction, Film, Horror, Tim Lebbon

The Silence and A Quiet Place

With the first trailer, I was intrigued by what the film, A Quiet Place, could be. It suggested a film with little dialogue and one very sparing in its sound design. After all, it dealt with strange creatures that hunted purely by sound. I wasn’t able to catch the film during its theatrical run, but… Continue reading The Silence and A Quiet Place

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Southern Reach Trilogy

In his Southern Reach Trilogy, Jeff Vandermeer weaves a beautifully written and vividly imagined story of a presumed alien invasion. However, when I read the trilogy, I had virtually no idea what was going on. I picked up threads here and there; enough to know that Area X acted in some way akin to the… Continue reading Southern Reach Trilogy

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“Britain’s answer to Stephen King”

Adam Nevill is a British novelist. His first novel, Banquet for the Damned, was published in 2004. Since then, he has written and published seven additional novels as well as two collections of novellas/short stories. He has been hailed as “Britain’s answer to Stephen King,” which I believe is an unfortunate label to receive. If… Continue reading “Britain’s answer to Stephen King”