Beyond Infinity

Are black holes engines of universe creation? Think about matter crushed down to a point similar to a singularity sans the component of infinity. Perhaps such a collapse rebounds in an explosion that disperses everything taken in by the black hole, everything that existed as seeds of the universe in which we live. Consider this and then consider that we may live in the result of such a Big Bang, that we live among the ashes of a deceased black hole. Now consider the billions, trillions of black holes theorized to currently exist (or have existed) in our universe. Can you entertain, even envision, a reality where universes exist within universes? What might the death of a black hole and its subsequent rebirth as a Big Bang even look like within our own universe? Or would such an event cause a tear in the fabric of our own space and time allowing this newly created universe to herniate from our own? Of course, then you must ask yourself, where does this end, and more importantly, how did it all begin? Modern physics cannot embrace logically the concept of infinity. But maybe, just maybe, what is has truly always been, with time and space and all it holds existing like a snake eating its own tail.

Now, discuss…

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