Excerpt – Untitled

Here is the opening I stumbled across of a story and thought I might share. The idea is still very early in development—to be honest, I don’t even remember about what it was intended. But I like this opener. It is something I am interested in revisiting down the road…


This is the story of how two lovers meet. It is about how they fall in love and how they unite to walk together the difficult path of life. It could have been about an exceptional boy learning to be a man, leaving home in search of grand adventure; his courageous slaying of a fierce dragon. It could have been about how he rescues a beautiful princess. Or it could have been about all of those. But it’s not—besides when you get to know the princess, you’ll see she is not the type to often need or want rescuing. Moreover, this strapping young lad knows nothing whatsoever about slaying dragons. Not yet anyway. There is an adventure, however. There will be ferocious dragons, and gallant knights—of a sort—and magical swords. There will be laughing and crying. But rest assured, our story will have a happy ending. If end it ever does.

It begins, though, in a foreign and forgotten land on a beach amidst an uncommonly savage storm.

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